Cooper at the Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum, Washington, DC
Your dog is so cute. Beautiful. Amazing.

Anonymous said: would you ever rehome your dog?


No. Never.

Da fuck kind of question is that? 

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Just had a photoshoot with this cute little gal :-)
My baby Stella :)
::SQUEEE!!! Thanks allweareisalone for submitting::
Time Goes On by jodispayne…..Mostly off :( on Flickr.
Shetland Sheepdog by Felipe_Borges on Flickr.
Bright by Rafa Taro on Flickr.
Charlie by lauramadeleineshen on Flickr.
Opal by Maija Savijärvi on Flickr.
Mover-15 by santiagoja on Flickr.

why only dogs? lol

::Because dogs make you feel like


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Mosby is so fluffy that we like to remind ourselves how narrow his face really is by pushing back all the fur. It makes him look silly.
::We here at FYSheltie are very fond of silliness. Thanks for submitting Mosby, kandles12 ::
Sheltie0635 by marcia-oc on Flickr.