Fresh! by Valentin y Carmen on Flickr.
I think I sufficiently wore him out. 2 major full body brushings and a bath in between. I can’t believe he is still sleeping by my feet after all that #sheltie #bff
Cute sheltie magnet - $4.50
via etsy
Satine. 6mth old Shetland sheepdog {sheltie} by Akrypto on Flickr.
I refuse to share with the dog! || Jane Bjerkli
Riding in the car #sheltie #dog
From heart to heart || Tatyana Pronina
Cutie || Daria Kusch
Henry the puppy with the people he loves || Vanessa Kay
Cooper at the Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum, Washington, DC
Your dog is so cute. Beautiful. Amazing.

Anonymous said: would you ever rehome your dog?


No. Never.

Da fuck kind of question is that? 

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